What Everybody Ought To Know…How to Select Shrubs

Shrubs all look the same…Or do they? You must ask yourself these questions to succeed the first time.

Little Lime Hydrangea is one of my favorites.

Little Lime Hydrangea is one of my favorites.

First, determine where you want to landscape. Is it the right place for a shrub in the first place? I recommend planting evergreen shrubs around the foundation of the home to increase curb appeal and value. However, deciduous shrubs do just fine.

Second, determine the mature size you want the plant to grow to. Don’t choose a Leatherleaf Viburnum if you need something for a small space. Instead choose a soft touch holly or dwarf english boxwood, etc. Please don’t plant something that gets really large under a window. Why? The plant will need pruning several times a year so it doesn’t grow over the window.

When designing your landscape, choose the shrubs with leaf colors that compliment. Most leaves are green, but some are purple. In addition to color, what leaf texture do you want? Needles or true leaves? Do you like sticker-bushes (chinese hollies) or soft foliage plants.

Do you need privacy? You want an evergreen shrub like a holly, boxwood, or some types of Viburnum.

What about colorful blooms? For Tennessee, it’s hard to beat hydrangeas. They have blooms in many colors and sizes.

What’s your favorite shrub? Let me know in the comments section below.