Thousands Now Grow Plants Who Never Thought They Could

By building their own raised beds, gardeners and homeowners around the world are able to grow like the pros. You can too, here’s a simple guide.

Cool season vegetables in a cedar raised bed.

Cool season vegetables in a cedar raised bed.

How to Build a Raised Bed.

Step 1: Find wood and make a rectangle shape. Screw the pieces together. I like 2″x 8″ cedar. Non pressure treated pine is less expensive. Choose a sunny location!

Step 2: Mix 50% soil and 50% soil-less amendments like pine tree bark, peat moss, vermiculite, etc. 100% soil is too thick for fast root growth and may stay too wet.

Step 3: Choose cool season vegetables (kale, lettuce, spinach) for Spring and Fall. Choose hot season vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, cucumber) for Summer.

Step 4: Keep the soil moist, but well drained. (You’re going to read this a lot. It’s a huge secret that pros know)

Step 5: Add organic fertilizer to feed the soil food web or inorganic fertilizer to feed the plant directly. Wait 10-14 days after planting. Keep the fertilizer at least 3″ from the vegetable stems.

Step 6: Pull the weeds when they’re small.

Step 7: Harvest according to the plant’s requirements.

Have you ever grown veggies or flowers in a raised bed? Please answer in the comments below.