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Step 1 – Landscaping Ideas for Small Front and Backyards

What do you love doing outdoors? It’s probably not yard work! Your landscape is going to need maintenance. It’s always alive, but we can start with low maintenance plants and lawn. Do you only see work? Don’t worry about the tasks involved, focus on your ideal outdoor room or outdoor living space! Small Front Yard […]

By now you see the journey before you. This isn’t instant gratification. The delayed gratification will be tremendous. You’re going to be so glad you started two years from now! It feels like work at first. I know that. I have felt the feeling of chores. However, you’re setting up a memory making environment. Some […]

Step 4 – Purchasing Plants – Where to Buy Nursery Trees and Shrubs on a Budget

Now that you have a working design and budget, it’s time to shop! Buying Plants comes down to three things. Price, selection, and time. Price – Save the Most Money Trees, shrubs, edibles, and flowers are priced based on their age. The older, the more valuable. The most expensive plants are usually the oldest and […]

Step 3 – Garden Design Ideas and Landscaping Mistakes

After vision (Step 1) and budget (Step 2), the fun begins with garden design. There are three ways to approach design. Quick Approach Take pictures of your landscape. Measure the lengths of the outside walls. Find landscapes you like. Copy them. This can be a small area or your entire landscape. There is no wrong […]

Step 2 – Landscaping on a Cheap Budget Ideas

Remember how we talked about brainstorming in Step 1? Now get real with your landscaping budget. Your budget is unique but always based on the cost of time. The older the plant, the more expensive it will be.  Japanese maples (Acer japonica) and American boxwoods (Buxus sempervirens) are more expensive because they grow slowly. To save money […]

Step 6 – How To Grow Landscape Plants

So you’ve installed your plants like a pro in Step 5? Now you’re ready to keep them alive! Wanna know the secret of healthy plants? Give them love and attention. Oh, and Right Plant in the Right Place. It’s critical that you physically look at your plants weekly. Sometimes daily during the hot, summer growing season […]