Instant Success – How to Take a Soil Test

Why do you even care? You’re busy, right!? Soil tests tell you exactly what your lawn, landscape, or soil is missing. Add the proper ingredients and your patch will thank you by looking great! Soil tests are used by the pros, because they work! You Probably Know Your Problem Area If you definitely have bad […]

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Why You Can’t Afford to Make These Mistakes

  You’re new to growing stuff, right? Well, I’m not. And I got here through trial and error. It’s painful and frustrating. But I’ve made every one of these mistakes (some more than twice)! Purchasing Mistakes Buying edible plants at the garden center, taking them home, and parking them in a sunny spot, never to […]

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3 Ways To Increase Your Curb Appeal Dramatically

Ligustrum shrubs need pruning.

Curb appeal isn’t complicated, it’s all about looking good. You want your neighbors to envy your landscape, each and every time they drive by. Here’s three ways to quickly increase your neighbor’s jealousy. Prune your plants, but don’t hack them to death. Train them into circles or squares, especially evergreen shrubs. . This softens the […]

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