Is Mulch Necessary?

It can be a lot of heavy, sweaty work. You see it everywhere, around trees and shrubs, at the park, at nice homes. Even at the gas station, mulch is used at the base of plants. Is mulch just decorative or is it necessary for healthy, growing plants? Why Mulch Matters Moisture Mulch locks in […]

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How to Protect Trees from Ice Storm Damage

This leyland cypress tree failed due to poor branching structure and a bad install job.

There’s nothing worse in the winter than an ice storm. You hear the trees outside cracking and snapping. It can break your heart. You feel helpless… What can you do? Nothing at this point. But you can help young trees prepare for the next ice storm. There will always be another… Pruning Branches Correctly Choose […]

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Landscape Design Principle #2 – Line

Have you ever noticed how sidewalks or buildings draw your eye? You just follow the edge, unconsciously, seeing where it leads. Line is a landscape design principle because it’s inherent in our nature. We want excitement and uniformity at the same time! How Pros Use Line to Create Great Landscapes Sidewalks and Pathways: It’s common […]

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