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Passionate about helping you design and grow your outdoor space!

Passionate about helping you design and grow your outdoor space!

Hey, what’s up? I’m Elliott Hallum, landscape designer at My Landscape Guide, and if you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • How do I purchase and maintain a low maintenance landscape?
  • How much does landscaping cost?
  • How can I grow plants even though I don’t have a green thumb?
  • How can I save money, but have an expensive (professional looking) yard?
  • How can I start edible landscaping (growing food in your yard)?

Or if you just want to impress your spouse and humiliate your neighbors…

…You’re in the right place!

Here’s How My Landscape Guide Gives You An Unfair Advantage Against Mother Nature

I know you want to take control of your outdoor space and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

It’s HARD to grow plants (or design your space) successfully the first time. I couldn’t do it and I had the patience and formal education that should have helped me. But it didn’t…

(It’s not your fault that school doesn’t teach you how to nurture living things…)

Worse yet, most magazines and TV focus on the high-end of landscape design; expensive, expansive projects. It’s unrealistic for most homeowners. Especially just starting out with Home Improvement Project #1…

Raised Beds for Edible Landscaping Before and After

Simple, Easy-to-Build Raised Beds for Edible Landscaping Before and After

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About Elliott Hallum

Blue Agave Transplant

Blue Agave Fall Harvest For Winter Storage (Protection)

I am the author of 7 Steps to Landscape Success, a guide to DIY landscaping for active homeowners.

I grew up on a family farm, working every Summer break since I was 10. I’ve always enjoyed being outside and feeling productive. I’m very fortunate to have great parents who instilled a strong work ethic.

In 2006, I moved into my first home (a fixer-upper). I naively thought landscaping was going to be the easy part. I’d worked at two world-class nurseries and even had a horticulture degree. Boy, was I in for a surprise!

I made every mistake possible…I hit a natural gas line (twice), broke through a water pipe, and sparks flew when my equipment touched my electric line! (Call the utility companies before you start digging!)

Compounding those mistakes, Mother Nature dealt middle TN severe drought in 2007 and 2008. I routinely had $100 water bills. I had to learn to irrigate efficiently and effectively.

Through it all I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and respect for landscape plants. Their unique ability to create calm, peaceful outdoor spaces along with real estate appreciation makes them bona fide investments.

In 2012, I sold that first home and moved to Murfreesboro. I have personally installed over 50 trees and shrubs in 15 months. Using the process I outline in 7 Steps to Landscape Success, I have had 100% success.

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