Easy Edible Landscaping for Busy People

Edible Landscaping Resource Page

You’re busy and impatient AND it’s not your fault…

Society places a premium on time and convenience.

However, edibles (and all plants) don’t care.

They grow like they always have, painfully slow, unless you do the right things.

SO, you want to know what goes well together and how do I keep them alive?

What Goes Well Together?

Landscape Design is subjective, meaning everyone has their opinion. However, edible landscape design can be more difficult because you’re eating the plants! I like to see evergreen shrubs around the edges, or a raised bed to form strong LINES. Line is a design principle. Next, I like to see color combos that work. Red and yellow, not so much. Blue, grey, white, and purple YES!

Timeless Edible Landscape Design

If you’re STILL in a hurry to get started, raised beds are an easy win. This simple raised bed design will have you looking like an expert in 30 minutes.

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How Do I Keep Them Alive?

This means avoiding the mistakes all newbies make. I’ve made each of these mistakes and they’re painful!

To learn more about what goes well together and how to keep ’em alive, feel out the form below. You’ll never miss an update and you’ll save years of frustration.